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    I'm so happy you are here! My name is Stacie Kemp, I'm an Iowa girl who married and uprooted myself and business to Chicago, IL. I love family, friends, food, fashion and capturing life's moments involving all of the above!

    My love affair with photography began in college. Do you know that magical feeling you get when you wake up Christmas morning? That's the feeling I get every time I photograph, every time I capture the essence of someone's personality, the love between couples and families, the awe and wonder of a child. I'm passionate about my art and about capturing every fun, exciting, silly, fashionable, quiet, romantic and crazy moment of life.

    If you'd like to schedule a session, I'd love to hear from you! I strive to make every session unique and special to you. Please contact me at 115,116,97,99,105,101,107,101,109,112,112,104,111,116,111,103,114,97,112,104,121,64,103,109,97,105,108,46,99,111,109,46.moc.liamg@yhpargotohppmekeicats

    If you'd like to see more of my work, visit and like me on facebook to keep up to date on the latest news, promotions and deals.

Love Affair Workshop

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of being able to attend one of the most awesome photography workshops for women, Love Affair! We stayed at the uber swanky W hotel in downtown Dallas Texas. I went with the expectations of learning a lot about photography and making some connections but what I walked away with was a renewed passion for photography and life as well as friendships with some of the most amazing women I’ve ever met. I truly can’t sum up how amazing it was. We laughed, cried and ate some pretty amazing food. I wish I took more photos but I did manage to snap a few here and there. I’m sure I’ll be talking about this one for years to come.

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Chicago, Here I Come!

On a crisp, clear September day just a few short weeks ago, I got married to my best friend! It was a moving day, seeing all our family and friends together in one place to celebrate our coming together as one after a short 8 years (haha). I wouldn’t have had it any other way though, this is the perfect time for our marriage and moving to Chicago. It’s been a whirlwind the past few weeks of moving boxes and new sights and sounds. Now that things are finally (sort of) starting to settle down, I can’t wait to start exploring the city, meet new people and capture their story, and experience all this city has to offer.

While I’m building up my new portfolio with fresh faces and places, I’m offering a great deal on portrait sessions. My style is fresh, fun, free and fashionable so if you think you’re a good fit, contact me for the rundown. I’m looking for families, children, seniors, couples, or anyone who just wants some awesome portraits. I can’t wait to meet you!!

October 8, 2010 - 9:42 pm

Lucy Collins - You rock! I love your new wp site, super cute! And the photos are wonderful :) I can’t wait to see in 2 weeks Mrs. Kemp!

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