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    I'm so happy you are here! My name is Stacie Kemp, I'm an Iowa girl who married and uprooted myself and business to Chicago, IL. I love family, friends, food, fashion and capturing life's moments involving all of the above!

    My love affair with photography began in college. Do you know that magical feeling you get when you wake up Christmas morning? That's the feeling I get every time I photograph, every time I capture the essence of someone's personality, the love between couples and families, the awe and wonder of a child. I'm passionate about my art and about capturing every fun, exciting, silly, fashionable, quiet, romantic and crazy moment of life.

    If you'd like to schedule a session, I'd love to hear from you! I strive to make every session unique and special to you. Please contact me at 115,116,97,99,105,101,107,101,109,112,112,104,111,116,111,103,114,97,112,104,121,64,103,109,97,105,108,46,99,111,109,46.moc.liamg@yhpargotohppmekeicats

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Thomas Family; Iowa City and Chicago Family Portrait Photographer

He’s arrived!!! A few months ago, I captured maternity portraits for my good friend Sehee and it’s a good thing we took them when we did because this little guy decided to arrive early!! I think he just couldn’t wait to meet his wonderful parent’s;)You can tell they are just smitten with him and it’s amazing to see friends grow beautifully into the role of parents. I was so excited to meet their new little Panada as they lovingly like to refer to him (so cute!) and I can’t wait to see and capture more of this little guy’s milestones in the future. Congratulations Thomas family!!


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Hodges Family; Chicago Family Portrait Photographer

I might be biased however I think my newphew is the absolute CUTEST!! ..and his parents are pretty amazing too;)At the end of this past summer we got together to take his 9 month portraits at the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool. It was a gorgeous day and I not only had a blast taking the photos, but also editing them because I got to look at his adorable smile!! He’s such a little cutie. After the session we stopped for ice cream which was the perfect way to end our session. It’s pretty darn amazing to be a sister and an aunt and I’m SO lucky I get to document all these fun milestones for my family. Enjoy!


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Kitana; Chicago Senior Portrait Photographer

I LOVE all the senior portraits I’ve been taking lately!! I adore fashion and finding the best locations to match outfits. I’m SUPER excited to share Kitana’s portraits because we absolutely had the best time picking out outfits and taking portraits. To top everything off, she’s the sweetest and not just because she asked how old I was and said I could pass for 18 (which made my WEEK!). We chatted about future plans and I just know in my heart Kitana is going to do amazing things…and in amazing shoes. It was also a pleasure to meet her family, she has such a great support system! And I learned something new..I must be a true Chicagoan now because they said I walk fast! I still walk slower than most of my Chicago friends, everyone here walks so fast!

Thank you for asking me to capture your senior portraits Kitana and enjoy!


September 12, 2012 - 5:15 pm

amanda watson - These are STELLAR! Awesome job Stacie!

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Kyle; Chicago Senior Portrait Photographer

I’m so excited to share Kyle’s senior portraits!! Kyle wanted to have portraits taken in Chicago so his family traveled from Michigan to make it happen. I just LOVE when families come from out of state and make getting senior portraits taken such a fun event! We found some really great urban areas around downtown and despite taking a slight scenic route (completely on purpose of course!), ended up at Diversey Harbor so we could capture a good view of the skyline. Kyle and his family are such a pleasure to be around and made my job SO much fun! Thank you for making the trip and enjoy!!


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