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    I'm so happy you are here! My name is Stacie Kemp, I'm an Iowa girl who married and uprooted myself and business to Chicago, IL. I love family, friends, food, fashion and capturing life's moments involving all of the above!

    My love affair with photography began in college. Do you know that magical feeling you get when you wake up Christmas morning? That's the feeling I get every time I photograph, every time I capture the essence of someone's personality, the love between couples and families, the awe and wonder of a child. I'm passionate about my art and about capturing every fun, exciting, silly, fashionable, quiet, romantic and crazy moment of life.

    If you'd like to schedule a session, I'd love to hear from you! I strive to make every session unique and special to you. Please contact me at 115,116,97,99,105,101,107,101,109,112,112,104,111,116,111,103,114,97,112,104,121,64,103,109,97,105,108,46,99,111,109,46.moc.liamg@yhpargotohppmekeicats

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The Thomas Family; Iowa City and Chicago Maternity Portrait Photographer

I’m so excited to share this maternity session, Sehee was my roommate for several years and it’s been amazing to capture all the exciting milestones in her life the past few years starting with engagement, wedding, and now maternity!! I can’t wait to meet the new little love of their life!

For this session we went to Kent Park which is just gorgeous. I’m so glad they braved the heat and bugs because the portraits turned out beautifully and I hope they are cherished for years to come. Congratulations on the new addition to your family, I can’t wait to see what’s in store next for your beautiful family!



October 16, 2012 - 6:41 pm

Thomas Family; Iowa City and Chicago Family Portrait Photographer » Stacie Kemp Photography Blog - […] arrived!!! A few months ago, I captured maternity portraits for my good friend Sehee and it’s a good thing we took them when we did because this little […]

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Laura + Terry; Chicago Wedding Photographer

Laura and Terry asked me to take some fun “engagement style” wedding portraits of the two of them on their wedding day. I was SO excited for all the ideas they had and  glad I got to capture some amazing and beautiful moments!

Laura and Terry have SUCH a neat story, they met in London while both there for graduate school. Their friends encouraged them to meet as they were both Americans and had both been in the Peace Corps. Before the day of their wedding, I sent them a questionnaire so I could get to know them better and  I LOVED hearing all their answers! One that stuck out to me (and there were many, this was hard to choose!) was I asked them what they think will be unique about their wedding. Their response was “We have amazing friends and family who have really come together to help put everything into place. They’ve helped with the invites (handmade), dress, veil, jewelry, organization, music, home-brewed beers, hair-dos, and flowers. We will definitely appreciate having their efforts showcased, as I think they will too.” There are many things that can tell you about the heart of someone but that really sums it up. The love they have for each other and the love they have for their family and friends is amazing and I can only imagine just how special this couple is to all their family and friends and all the lives they’ve touched.

I love capturing the love and spirit of a special day like this and I can’t wait for Laura and Terry to see all their beautiful portraits. Congratulations Laura and Terry!!


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Ali; Chicago Senior Portrait Photographer

I’m so, SOO excited to share this session! I love working with seniors and working with Ali was a blast!! She visits the city frequently and had a lot of great ideas about the types of locations she wanted. She has a great sense of style and we found the perfect spots to accentuate that. Her family came along for part of her session which made it a fun memorable experience. At one point on the beach, it became like a sandstorm with whiteout conditions! Luckily her family helped hold down equipment and kept it from blowing away. Despite the crazy wind, we got some AMAZING portraits and it makes me happy I get to do this for the most amazing people. I can’t wait for Ali and her family to see the portraits, enjoy!



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Dickey Family Portraits; Chicago Family Portrait Photographer

I really have the sweetest clients!! Every family has a unique sort of personality and what struck me about the Dickey family is how happy and easy going they are! It was adorable listening to the songs they sing their son and you can tell from the pictures, he is one loved and happy little guy.

For this session, we met somewhere that was near and dear to them, the University of Chicago! This was my first visit and it is one of the most gorgeous campuses I’ve seen. We unexpectedly came across several construction areas which made the campus a bit like a labyrinth however we managed to find our way back into this little area with a duck pond. I am told by the locals it is especially beautiful in the fall with all the ivy growing on the walls so I will definitely need to make a trip back.

To the Dickey famly, thank you for letting me capture some of these special memories in time for you. Enjoy!

June 28, 2012 - 10:56 pm

Viani dickey - Oh my! The pictures are amazing and you guys look gorgeous!!!! Little dude is getting si big, btw I love the outfit :)

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