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Stephanie + Tyler; Iowa City and Chicago Wedding Photographer

I truly couldn’t be any happier to share Stephanie and Tyler’s Wedding portraits! I feel blessed we have become friends over the course of this past year and they have one of the BEST stories about how they first met. Six years ago while still in High School, Stephanie went to a week long journalism workshop at The University of Iowa. She was standing in line at the soda machine when she realized she ran out of change. Instead of leaving, she turned around and asked the guy behind her if she could borrow a dime. Little did she know at that moment, she had just met her future husband, Tyler!!

A little over a year ago when I first met Stephanie and Tyler, I sent them a fun little questionnaire so I could get to know them better. A few things that really stick out in my mind about the two of them are their responses to a few questions. The first was “What makes you unique as a couple,” to which they responded “We are a Christian couple, and both have a very solid faith which is what grounds us and unites us, despite our differing personalities and traits.” The second was “What is the most important thing to you about your wedding day,” to which they responded “…the significance of the “two becoming one flesh” and to celebrate our marriage and love that will last a lifetime.” Witnessing their wedding, it was abundantly clear to me just how true both of these statements are and I am beyond honored to have been able to capture this spectacular moment in their life together.

Stephanie and Tyler, thank you for asking me to be your wedding photographer, I hope you enjoy these portraits for many years to come!!


February 29, 2012 - 1:45 pm

Deb Yoder - Stacie, we just loved how you captured Stephanie and Tyler’s wedding day! Thank you so much for the great photography!

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